No other country in the world has that many types of soups which are served here on every lunch as a first course or even as a whole lunch. Enjoy the Polish kitchen and learn to make żurek, borscht and kwaśnica yourself.

A meal that is an evergreen among both Poles and the foreign tourists is the dumplings/pierogis. They can be prepared in various ways, stuffed with almost any combination of tastes and compounds. The most popular ones are with a cheese-potato filling and with meat. There is a whole number of sweet dumplings too. Get to know the kaleidoscope of the flavors of dumplings and learn how to make them – you will see that it is a great fun. Also Cracow’s Kazimierz is the best place to know the rich and exotic Jewish cuisine – full of unconventional mixes of components and aromatic spices. Many of polish sweets – such as poppy seed cakes, crispy faworki, rose donuts or famous Easter mazurki will not be found anywhere but here.


Season Whole year
Region Cała Polska
Activities Heritage
Term January - December
Difficulty level


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