Folk Games may be an excellent addition to the company awayday, conferences, trainings or integration events held outside a big city. It is a great tool for integrating people and enabling improve team work.

We invite you to experience something totally new, which will shoot you off into a very picturesque world of Polish folklore and allow you to learn about its daily life from behind the scene. Folk Games are an unique set of competitors such as: rolling hay balls into a cart, harnessing the horse to the carriage, milking cows, preparing local delicacies and tasting fruit liqueurs. These competitions have been prepared so that you can in the fullest dimension experience all of the major responsibilities of every inhabitant of the village.

Prepare yourself to deal with the forces of nature, to overcome harshly working tools, to perform the strangest tasks on the farm... Show your best qualities as a Polish farmer - cleverness, ingenuity, courage, physical strength and strong head - and defeat all the other competitors. The game’s pageantry and variety are a guarantee of high levels of adrenaline and a lot of fun.

More information can be found on the official website of Folk Game


Season Hot
Region Cała Polska
Activities Heritage
Term May - September
Difficulty level


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