Would you prefer gentle rivers or the turbulent mountain streams? The surroundings of Cracow have a whole bunch of possibilities to offer.

If you dream of a beautiful mountain setting and turbulent stream going through the canyon done in the white limestone rocks then you have to go on a rafting on Dunajec. This rafting can be perfectly combined with a bicycle ride through Pieniński National Park. The Poprad river goes through the Polish – Slovak border, it has not only perfect conditions for rafting but it is also a home to unique animals like black storks or beavers.

The name ,,Rafting on Białka river” contains two places near Cracow. The first Białka, silently and gently goes through the stunning terrains of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. The second Białka – turbulent and demanding comes from the heart of Tatras and with its river steps called riffles or rapids of the difficulty level 4 and 4+ has stolen the hearts of many adventure lovers. If you are a fan of the rural landscapes, golden fields and weeping willows down the stream of the riverbed, we encourage you to try the rafting on Nida River.


Season Hot
Region South (Cracow)
Activities Outdoor
Term May - September
Difficulty level


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