Festival of Slavs and Vikings is the largest presentation of pre-christian traditions and cultures not only in Poland, but also in Europe as such.

Thousands of people fascinated by the culture and history of Slavs and Vikings meet in Wolin to forget about everyday reality and for few days live exactly the same way, as our ancestors did. 

Enter with us the gates of the early mediaeval city, walk along the tents, feel the smell of baked meet and bread and dive in this amazing atmosphere. Learn old craftsmanship and how - step by step - different tools were made, attend traditional music and dance shows, feel the atmosphere of the traditional boat (dłubanka) races and archery tournament. One of the highlights of the Festival are the battle reenactments performed by hundreds of fighters armed with swords, shields, axes and spears. We guarantee you unforgettable moments!


Season Hot
Region North (Gdańsk)
Activities Events
Term July - August
Difficulty level


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