If you are passionate about art, especially engaged art, you must necessarily visit Gdansk Zaspa and watch a unique collection of murals.

The Monumental Painting Collection in Gdańsk is considered to be one of the best in the world. If you are into socially engaged art, Zaspa district is a place you must visit. The first monumental paintings appeared in Zaspa - one of the biggest clusters of blocks of flats in Poland - in 1997 during an international festival of murals, to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the City of Gdańsk. Since then 45 murals were created by artists not only from Poland, but also from all over the world. Many of them commemorate important events or places, like Year of Miłosz or place where Lech Wałęsa – the leader of Solidarity Movement and Nobel Peace Prize laureate - used to live.  The whole gallery is coherent both in form and in style. Thanks to the fact that it is located in one cluster of blocks, it is easy to explore it during a relaxing walk around the neighbourhood. Don't miss this unique mural collection!


Season Whole year
Region North (Gdańsk)
Activities Ubran
Term January - December
Difficulty level


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