Słowiński National Park is one of the only two national parks protecting the polish nature near the Baltic Sea. Discover the beauty of the polish beaches and the Baltic coastal line.

It was created to protect the beauty of the eco system of the lakes near the sea, swamps, peat bogs, meadows, sea woodlands and forests and the most importantly the land of sand bar dunes with a unique in Europe quick sands. To make it easier for the tourists visiting the Park, the park has 170 km of roads, bicycle trails and walking routes. During the bicycle trip we will organize many stops near the view towers and bridges from which you will be able to see the wealth, diversity and mosaic composition of the local ecosystems. This tour is a perfect idea for the nature lovers and fans of the active leisure and the marine atmosphere.


Season Hot
Region North (Gdańsk)
Activities Outdoor
Term April - October
Difficulty level


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