Diving in the polish rivers is still a very niche form of activity. This is why it is a perfect occasion for all of the fans of going underwater who are bored with the catalogue reefs and mundane fauna and flora of the sea waters.

Piaśnica is a small river coming up from the artificial Żarnowiecki water tank on the Kaszubskie Pomerania. A few kilometers before Dębki town the river bed starts to meander roughly and for a picturesque landscape attractive from the land and water perspective. In the summer the water in Piaśnica has up to 8 meters which makes it possible to see the whole river bed. The purity of water is best evidenced by occurring here freshwater sponges that appear only in the cleanest water reservoirs.

The potamogetons and elodeas go in the water a few meters. The moss grows fallen tree limbs, and with a little luck you can preview one of the water predators, which live here a whole lot. You will have the opportunity to meet the thirty centimeters perches, roaches breams, ides, gudgeons, thunder fishes, bleaks, chubs, perches, pikes and flounders. Besides fishes American crayfish live here American and Polish mussels. We guarantee that the underwater world of Piaśnica will impress you so much that you will want to come back as soon as possible.


Season Hot
Region North (Gdańsk)
Activities Outdoor
Term May - September
Difficulty level


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