If you dream of an escape from everyday reality, join us on the annual International Knights' Tournament in Byczyna. Every summer, the town - built on the island over the reservoir of Brzózki, surrounded by natural moat – holds a Knight's Tournament.

Knighthoods from all over Europe come to Byczyna to compete against each in different categories: sword duels, archery, throwing knife, axe and spear. One of the most spectacular attractions of the Tournament are Combat reenactments and siege engine shows. You can also join medieval fair or even medieval fashion show! For people interested in learning new skills there is a big variety of handicraft workshops – from writing using quill, medieval blacksmithing and weaving,to pottery making. Byczyna is a perfect place for incentive, workshop or a company event.


Season Hot
Region West (Wrocław)
Activities Events
Term May - September
Difficulty level


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