Does swimming in ice-cold water seems like a madness? Try it with us and see how much fun it is! What's more – when you try it, it does not seam to be a big deal anymore!

“Polar bear swims” are events held during winter where participants dip in the water (typically in outdoor locations) despite how low the temperature is. This activity is for everybody except people with high blood pressure and heart and cardiovascular disease. First we will start with a short walk and workout including running – this is necessary to warm up. Then, equipped with towels, bathrobes, boots, hats, gloves and hot beverages, we will enter the water to experience this winter fun! If you want to try it for the first time, we guarantee you that with us, it will be a pleasurable experience!


Season Cold
Region North (Gdańsk)
Activities Outdoor
Term November - March
Difficulty level


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