Visit the city where the II World War started, and where the fall of comunism in Central Europe began.

Gdańsk charms with its historical architecture and its incredible solutions, and amazes with cosmopolitan atmosphere. One can get to Gdańsk by air, land or sea, so it's not a surprise that Gdańsk is one of the most famous Polish city to visit. Thanks to its great location Gdańsk has always been one of the most important towns for trade, communication and transit.

While visiting Gdańsk you can see some of the most important places linked to Polish history and culture. The Długa and Długi Targ Streets which are also known as Trakt Królewski (the Royal Route) rank among the most beautiful streets in Gdańsk – it goes all the way from Green Gate by Motława River to Golden Gate. It is here where you can see the most important buildings: The Hall of the Main City, St. Mary's Church  (the largest brick church in Poland), and another symbol of Gdańsk – the Neptune Fountain.

After crossing the Green Gate you will see the Crane by Motława River –  the biggest port crane in the mediaeval Europe. It is worth to visit places, which witnessed tragic moments of Polish history. One of them is Westerplatte, where the World War II started and Gdańsk Shipyard, where Solidarity movement was born and where the fall of communism in Central Europe began. Next to it, there is European Solidarity Centre, which is definitely worth paying a visit.

Gdańsk is often called “The Amber Capital” and is famous of its amber processing techniques. Amazing souvenirs made of amber can be bought especially during St. Dominic's Fair every August – the tradition of this fair is already 750 years long. After exciting sightseeing it is worth to visit stunning Oliwa Park with neighbouring Oliwa Cathedral for a nice and chilling walk.


Season Whole year
Region North (Gdańsk)
Activities Ubran
Term January - December
Difficulty level


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