Every year in June, Dragons leave their safe undergrounds to take control over the city and to celebrate their fantastic Dragon Festival.

All Dragon and fun lovers are invited to participate in this picturesque and joyful event. During the day, for several hours, a colorful and dancing parade of giant Dragons will march through the Old Town’s streets, accompanied by fancy dressed drummers and musicians. You also have the opportunity to become an actor of this huge, open-air festival, and be admired by thousands of residents and visitors coming specially for the occasion to Cracow.

In the evening, the Dragons will move to the Vistula, where with the accompaniment of music, lighting effects, smoke, lasers and fireworks they (yes yes the Dragons) will put on a fantastic and breathtaking show while dancing and undulating on the river. 

The Great Dragon Parade is not only this march of lovable beasts through the city and a show on the Vistula River. It is also the exciting election of the most beautiful Dragon and a delicious picnic on the Vistula river bank, a perfect opportunity to sample local cuisine's delights.


Season Hot
Region South (Cracow)
Activities Events
Term June
Difficulty level


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