Everything started with purchasing butter churns and making butter in the office. The experiment went well – the cream converted into nice yellow butter. That was the moment for horse(power) harness and... off we go, up to the east!

The first day had a folk feeling in it. Participants divided into groups, with great humors and maps went on a quest to complete different tasks and get as many points as possible. Terra Aventura team not only prepared various activities for them, but also changed to traditional colorful outfits – the members looked just like one of the Slavic folk dance and song groups! Talking about Slaves, the famous song about them was the keynote of this trip. Lenovo team learnt how to use butter churns, deal with horses, milk a cow or chop wood. Everyone forgot about the city life and easily adapted to typical rural activities.

The next day was less homey – Instructors from GROM special forces were not as sweet as charming Mrs. Alina, who though the day before how to make Polish pierogi. Now it was the time for more hardcore activities like tactical formation, learning military strategies, shooting handgun and firearms. Everything was there: revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and MP5 submachine guns. That was some real military fun! The whole incentive trip was rounded-up with some great local food, fun by bonfire, not to mention amazing accommodation in old mills, presbyteries and forester's houses. This is what we call enjoying beautiful May in Poland to the fullest!


Region East (Warsaw)
Term May 2016
Number of days 3 days
Goals Integration
Category Folk game
Training with GROM soldiers


Big thanks to the Terra Polonia team for this great, unusual and out of the box incentive trip. Amazing localization, original and unique “Country game” and phenomenal atmosphere made this trip perfect. Terra Polonia showed again its great professionalism and creativity.

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