The watchword of the trip was ”The Biebrza Craze”. And indeed, there was a lot going on! We focused on communing with nature, discovering swamps, observing moose, sport activities and some surprising turn of events...

Participants were accommodated in a very cozy and hospitable farmhouse, famous for its organic food. In the evening a conference was held, after which the traditional local dinner was served, followed up by party on a dance floor. On the next day, another challenge was waiting for the participants – triathlon! Each one got a kayak and paddled along  the meandering river to the bicycle point, where they changed kayaks to bikes. From there there was an exciting ride – both in the sun and in the rain – leading to field kitchen where traditional bigos was served. But that was not the end of attractions, because it was here where the things got muddy... but also excited due to the moose watching! Exploring Biebrza wetlands was not an easy task... especially when it comes to washing muddy boots and feet! However persistent participants without hesitation have agreed that it was worth it.

The next day wasn't much easier, even though participants got cars to ride... Taking part in a race with Fiat 126p – that was it! To complete the race was crucial not only orientation in the field but also knowledge of the Fiat brand. We came back to Warsaw amazed by Biebrza's beauty, with our clothes smelling of bonfire.


Region East (Warsaw)
Term May 2015
Number of days 3 days
Goals Reward for best employees,
Team building
Category Company conference
Triathlon competition
Walk through the marshlands
Watching elks
Fiat 126p rallies


The main aim of the trip was to integrate employees of Lenovo, and definitely it was a big success. Exquisitely prepared program contained activities and attractions perfectly selected to improve teamwork. Terra Polonia made a great job on all stages of the project and proved that it is a trustworthy and reliable team of people devoted to their work.

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